RC DRYGEL 80 (Art.: 210134)

RC DRYGEL 80 is a solvent free ready-to-use cream emulsion for masonry injection against rising damp.
RC DRYGEL 80 is a high quality, very effective product, which is the result of years of research and experience.
RC DRYGEL 80 damp-proofing cream has been formulated with a high concentration of active ingredient over 80% silane, siloxane and prepolymere.
When injected into masonry, RC DRYGEL 80 cream reverts to a liquid phase it changes from the gel phase to a vapour phase. resulting in complete absorption of the product providing superior penetration and effective damp proof coursing.

RC DRYGEL 80 has a number of advantages over conventional chemical injection damp-proofing systems for the contractor:

Concentrated formulation
RC DRYGEL 80 contains over 80% active ingredient. Large quantities of water or solvent are introduced into the wall, prolonging the drying-out process.
Low hazard
RC DRYGEL 80 is a solvent-free and odourless formulation. Many damp-proofing fluids used in pressure injection damp proofing systems are corrosive or flammable , and contain approximately 90% solvent. RC DRYGEL 80 is a solvent-free formulation eliminates the odour problems associated with some traditional damp-proofing treatments.
Quick and easy to apply
RC DRYGEL 80 is installed using a simple applicator gun, no electric DPC pump required. RC DRYGEL 80 can be injected two to three times faster than ordinary liquid injection fluids.
Controllable and consistent consumption rates
The controlled installation technique ensures effective treatment and consistent consumption rates.
Spillage & mess virtually eliminated
Damp-proofing fluid can flow through cracks and fissures in the mortar, rather than spreading evenly through the mortar. This may cause damage to neighbouring properties.
Stable formulation
Its unique formulation on a pure cream emulsion base enables superior penetration of the ingredient within the building material.