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Since 1988, Reynchemie NV has been a successful, trendsetting company with innovative products for both new constructions and for old classified monuments.
With an extensive and innovative product range, Reynchemie NV is the quality standard in terms of high-quality technology, quality and top service with high added value for the customer. Our products are used in fa├žade cleaning, water protection, wood renovation, natural stone repair and imitation and chemical anchoring. Various paint products, epoxy mortars and cleaning products also belong to our range.
In addition to our own products, Reynchemie NV is an exclusive distributor in BENELUX for lime products from Saint-Astier as well as a distributor of ParexLanko products.



Already seen our totem?

From now on our visibility in the street has been increased thanks to our new totem! This must ensure that customers can find us more easily and do not lose time to reach us. Take a look yourself at your next visit!

New Product!

We are proud to present our new product! RC 180 is an elastic hydraulic two-component mortar for performing waterproofing work. When applied to concrete or plastered brickwork, the product forms an adhesive, elastic, impervious film. It can handle a negative water pressure of 8 bar. Now exclusively available at Reynchemie NV.

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